Vacuum leak tester on-site / ASTM D3078


for bottles, for packaging, blister, for cans, for seal integrity


The i-Process 6610 Leak & Seal Test and Data Processing System is used in measuring seal strength, seal quality and bursting pressure. It is also applicable to measure the compression resistance and leakage of flexible packages, aseptic packages and many more. This product complies to various national and international standards.This system has standard 0 – 600 KPa / 0 – 87.0 psi test range and optional 0~1.6MPa / 0-232.1 psi, 0.1KPa resolution, 0.1% FS accuracy and 0.4MPa – 0.9MPa gas supply pressure. Its port size is Φ8mm PU Tubing, 600mm x 450mm x 600mm dimension and weighs 42kg. It can operate with AC 220V (47-63) Hz power supply.