Vacuum leak tester Dansensor® LeakPointer 3


vacuum, differential pressure decay
for packaging, for bottles, for empty containers, blister, for the plastics industry, for seal integrity, for cans
Other characteristics
tabletop, compact, automatic, high-speed, color display, single-station


Nobody likes surprises on the production line. Nobody wants recalls, delays or packaging mistakes either. Thankfully, there is an easy way to take these unwanted surprises out of the picture. Dansensor® LeakPointer 3 checks your packaging process is working effectively, with fast read times that help you get back on track quickly if leaks occur. Designed for food industry use, the highly-accurate instruments detect even tiny leaks to guard against delivering unusable food to retailers and consumers. Easy to use, the testing set-up is simple and easy to manage, with presets to keep information streams consistent when using multiple operators across different shifts. Just follow the set-up instruction, select a product to test, close the lid and begin. Designed for speed, Dansensor LeakPointer 3 has a capacity of up to 6 packages/min. (10 sec. cycle time). Dansensor LeakPointer 3+ has a large chamber suitable for multiple package test or very large packages and has a slightly higher cycle time. The advanced instruments detect leak sizes down to 50 microns (µm), so you can calibrate to shelf life parameters, and avoid losing usable products. All the information you need is delivered faster with more detail to help you avoid unexpected and expensive hiccups. Say no to surprises and yes to effective quality control. Benefits • Ensures product quality • Detects micro leaks down to 50 microns • User interface harmonizes with other Dansensor branded instruments • Data collection and data sharing options • Easy to operate