Vacuum leak tester CDV BT PVVI


vacuum, pressure
for bottles, for the plastics industry, for vessels, for cans, for packaging
Other characteristics
USB, compact, automatic, tabletop, color display, with programmable logic controller (PLC), single-station


PRESENTATION CDV BT PVVI vacuum chambers have a touch-screen setup system where test cycles can be programmed instantly. The operator places products inside the chamber starts the cycle and can be focused on observing the samples during the test cycle. CDV BT PVVI vacuum chambers include an SD Card Slot that allows the extraction if test results on an EXCEL file and update the Firmware of the PLC touchscreen. Vacuum is generated by a Venturi system integrated in the chamber fed by a compressed air supply. If this energy source is not available, another version of this model includes an electric vacuum pump. The vacuum creates a difference in pressure between the inside and outside of the specimen or sample. During an immersion test, bubbles are visible emanating from a leak, while doing a dry test, a liquid spill or drops will be visible in a case of a leak. OPTIONS • – Thermal Printer • – Barcode Scanner • – Needle and Patch Kit for Vacuum-packed goods. CDV BT PVVI vacuum chambers are built with a PLC touchscreen where vacuum level and time can be set and controlled through a user-friendly, advanced interface. Access to the program is password protected. Up to 40 users can be registered with personal passwords for each. The PLC touchscreen functions similarly to a Smartphone with apps. The system runs with three preinstalled applications and more can be added upon customer request and or necessities. ASTM D3078, ASTM D6653, ASTM D4991, ASTM D5094, ASTM D4169, ASTM F2096, CFR21 part 11