Vacuum leak tester ASTM D3078 |MFY-01


for packaging, for bottles


The MFY-01 is suitable for use in determining the gross leaks in packaging that contains headspace gases. The unit functions through submerging the specimen in an immersion fluid, inside the vacuum chamber. As consecutive bubbles start to show up, the specimen exhibits leakage. The leak tester provides a vacuum chamber dimension of 270 mm x 210 mm. It has an optional size of 360 mm x 585 mm, and 460 mm x 330 mm. Cutomizated sizes are also avilable. The device operates through a force range of 0 up to 90 KPa. IT also features a 1% reading value accuracy. The Applicable packages includes Bags, Bottles, pouches, Blister packs, tanks, etc.