Ultrasonic flow transmitter XMT1000


for liquids, gas
Other characteristics
digital output


The PanaFlow XMT1000 is an ultrasonic flow transmitter for liquids that can be installed right at the process measurement point, providing users with an accurate and reliable flow measurement. The XMT1000 is certified for hazardous installations, such as petrochemical and chemical processing, and supports multiple paths for more accurate measurement. The XMT1000 is a new, cost-effective ultrasonic flow transmitter that builds on Panametrics flow expertise and on years of reliable performance from its XMT868i predecessor. It offers state-of-the-art flow measurement capability in a rugged, locally-mounted or remote-mounted transmitter certified for use in hazardous areas. It brings a new level of performance with improved accuracy, configurable inputs and outputs, and multiple ultrasonic transducer path options. Liquid Flow Measurements for a Wide Range of Applications • – Hydrocarbon liquids • Water & wastewater • – Crudeoil – • – Distilled water • – Lubricating oil – • – Hot/chilled water • – Diesel fuel oil – • – Chemicals • – Solvents – • – Beverages • – Liquified natural gas (LNG) Non-Intrusive, Reliable, and Accurate Flow Measurement The PanaFlow XMT1000 cornes from a long line of proven ultrasonic flow metersfrom Panametrics. It shares ail the advantages of ultrasonic flow measurment: no moving parts to wear, no filters or strainers, no maintenance requirement, no pressure drop, and no drifting or required periodic calibration.