Ultrasonic flow transmitter 3010


for liquids


The 3010 is AC powered for permanent installation. It has no internal data storage, but provides 4-20 mA analog and RS-232 serial outputs, as well as relay switches and pulsed DC totalizer outputs for flexible interfacing and control. The ultrasonic level sensor is mounted above the flow stream and transmits a sound pulse that is reflected from the liquid surface. The elapsed time between sending a pulse and receiving an echo determines the level in the channel. Because the sensor does not contact the liquid, the 3010 provides long-term dependability with no scheduled maintenance. It is ideal for measuring flows containing harsh chemicals, grease, suspended solids or silt. A keypad and backlit LCD make programming fast and easy. Level-to-flow rate conversions for most weirs and flumes are built in, or you can enter an equation or use an optional Characterization PROM chip. When programming is complete, the 3010 displays data in selectable units of measure. A non-resettable totalizer gives you a permanent record of flow. Standard Features Lockable enclosure is rated NEMA 4X and IP56 for watertight, dust-tight, corrosion resistant operation. Built-in heaters ensure dependable outdoor operation in cold climates. A sampler relay will signal your sampler to collect flow proportioned samples. Built-in level to flow conversions are included for most weirs, flumes, and other devices Non-resettable mechanical totalizer provides tamper-proof record of cumulative flow