Thermal flow switch SC 440 series


for liquids
Other characteristics
compact, stainless steel
for noxious environments


The SC 440 series is available in an all stainless steel design and have been proven for more than 20 years in industrial applications. They are characterized by their small size and ruggedness and are available in a threaded and a plug-in version. Compact models with plastic housings are offered under the type designations SN 450 / LN 450. They come in a multitude of electrical designs. The devices are available as DC and AC versions and fitted with a PNP, relay or analogue output. Special designs further incorporate limit temperature monitoring or a shut-down time delay. Flow EGE offers thermodynamic flow controllers without moveable parts, which means they are robust and resistant to soiling. Controllers for fluids such as water, glycol mixtures or chemicals are as much part of the product range as sensors for gases such as air and carbon dioxide. Intrinsically safe sensors based on ATEX for explosive and hazardous areas are also available. Additional variations consist of high temperature sensors up to 160 °C, special sensors made from such materials as Hastelloy, Monel, titanium and tantalum with high resistance to chemicals, and programmable flow sensors with digital displays. The flow controllers are either screwed into the side of the pipe or added to the line itself in the form of inline sensors. Function » Probes » Amplifiers and compact devices » Terminology » Setting instructions » Inline-Flow monitoring » Use in hazardous areas » Air flow controller compact inline