Thermal dispersion flow switch CF12 series


thermal dispersion
for liquids, for gas
Other characteristics
stainless steel, aluminum, threaded, flange, IP65, IP67
process, sanitary


Sitron introduced our first Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch in 1995. Thermal Dispersion technology provides liquid and gas flow detection with no moving parts and a much greater working life-span when compared to other technologies. While our original flow switch has been updated and improved upon over the years, one thing has not changed; the CF12 series continues to offer maintenance free reliability for most liquid flow or gas flow applications at a very reasonable price. Like all of Sitron’s products, the CF12 can be configured to accommodate our customer’s unique process control requirements. Offered in either glass filled nylon, aluminum or 316SS housings, all models can also be ordered with a great variety of threaded, flange, or sanitary process connections as well as Halar or epoxy coating for aggressive mediums or even with separate electronics and process sensor. While the CF12 is designed to monitor flow status of liquids and gases, it is often used to detect the level of liquid mediums as well. Application: Flow Switch for Liquids and Gases / Level Switch for Liquids Operating Voltage: CF12 AC: 85-240Vac (50/60hz) ou CF12 DC: 24Vdc (+/-10%) Current Consumption: +/- 100mA Output: Relay (SPDT) Set Point Range: Liquid: 3 cm/s to 3 m/s – Gas: 5 cm/s to 5 m/s Accuracy: +/- 10% Repeatability: +/- 1% setpoint Response Time: 1 to 10s Gradient Temperature: 15ºC/min Flow Rate Indication: Red led – flow is below setpoint Yellow led – flow is at setpoint Green led – flow is above setpoint Enclosure Material: N1-Glass filled nylon, G1/G2/G3-Aluminum, A1/A2-316S.S. Electrical Connection: Cable gland w/ 2000mm cable, M12 connector or ½” NPT