Relative pressure transducer PXM409-USBH


Pressure type
Output signal
with high-speed USB output
Process temperature
Min.: -40 °C (-40 °F)

Max.: 85 °C (185 °F)

Pressure range
Min.: 25 mbar (0.36 psi)

Max.: 350,000 mbar (5,076.32 psi)


The PXM409 high-velocity USBH chain attaches to your PC directly. Free computer software creates information logging and planning your interpretations an easy job. Furthermore, added are Labviewand .NET drivers and a control set for command line up admission. The micro-machined silicon plan is perfect for pressure or height uses in laboratory, experiment platforms, or bio or pharmaceutical uses in addition to manufacturing applications that need a rough, high precision transducer. The micro-machined silicon detector offers an extremely steady transducer with outstanding high precision of ±0.08 percent and a wide recompensed range of ‑29°C to 85°C.