Relative pressure transducer PREMASGARD® 121x


Pressure type
relative, differential
Output signal
analog, Modbus
Other characteristics
compact, temperature-compensated
Process temperature
Min.: 0 °C (32 °F)

Max.: 50 °C (122 °F)

Pressure range
Min.: -5,000 Pa (-0.73 psi)

Max.: 5,000 Pa (0.73 psi)


Quality product for HVAC sector, accuracy ± 1.5 %The calibratable, compact pressure sensors PREMASGARD® 1210 – Modbus (Series) with Modbus connection can be equipped with an optional display and are used for measuring above-atmospheric, below-atmospheric or differential pressures in the air. The piezoresistive measuring element is temperature-compensated and guarantees a high degree of reliability and accuracy. The pressure transmitters feature a configurable offset and a button for manual zero adjustment. Applications of these pressure sensors are in clean room, medical and filter technology, in ventilation and air conditioning ducts, in spray booths, in large-scale catering facilities, for monitoring filters, for level measurement or for triggering frequency converters. Media measured with these pressure transducers are air (non-precipitating), or other gaseous non-aggressive, non-combustible media. The differential pressure sensor is supplied including the ASD-06 connection set (2 m connection hose, two pressure connection nipples, screws).