Relative pressure transducer FOP-F125


Pressure type
Output signal
Other characteristics
miniature, MEMS
Process temperature
Min.: 10 °C (50 °F)

Max.: 50 °C (122 °F)


The FOP-F125 is the world’s smallest pressure sensor. It has been especially designed and tested to fulfi ll the highest of medical performance requirements. Its applications range from human body fl uid pressure measurements – for intervention in hospital critical care units – to animal testing in high EMI environments. This product is designed to target high volume application where it will be customized to suit OEM-specifi c needs. With a diameter of only 125 μm, the FOP-F125 is the smallest pressure sensor commercially available. This ultra-miniature sensor is manufactured directly at the tip of the optical fi ber using patent pending technologies suitable for mass production. This all-glass sensor assembled without the use of any adhesive is fully biocompatible and is suitable for integration in medical devices and in minimally invasive instrumented catheters. The size and mounting fl exibility of the FOP-F125 provide the capability to embed the sensor within almost any confi guration of invasive diagnostic or therapeutic devices. The front-looking FOP-F125 allows in-situ measurements at locations unreachable to standard pressure sensors and eliminates the artefacts due to tissue contact that may be encountered with laterally mounted sensors.