Relative pressure transducer CY-YD-205


Pressure type
piezoelectric, resonant
Output signal
Process temperature
Max.: 150 °C (302 °F)

Min.: -40 °C (-40 °F)


CY-YD-205 Piezoelectric Pressure Transducer Features: l Small size, light weight 2 Measurement of pipeline pressure, burst pressure 3 Can be on Static Calibration 4 Wide frequency response, large stiffness 5l Easy installation Specifications: Static indicators Pressure sensitivity ~100pC/MPa Operating Range 0~30MPa 0~60MPa Optional Overload 120% Non-linearity <1%FS Hysteresis <1%FS Repeatability <1%FS Isolation Resistance >1013Ω Capacitance (1000Hz) 7pF Dynamic Indicators Resonant Frequency >100 kHz Operating Temperature -40℃~+150℃ Physical parameters Case Material High strength Stainless steel Weight 11 g Mounting Thread M10×1 Sensing Element Quartz Output Type L5 Accessories Sensor Certificate Calibration parameters Protective cap One Sealing gasket one L5 /L5 STYV-1Cable one(2m)