Reed flow transmitter Reed-11


for liquids


Feature ● Purchased high quality reed switches in international market, with long service life. ● Purchased TI CLT chips for 4~20mA output. ●  Certified for both Flameproof Enclosure and Intrinsic Safety explosion protections ● The ingress protection rating reaches to IP66/IP67. ● The chamber is made of 304 stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance. Overview Reed-11 remote transmitter is designed to be assembled with Flap-11 Magnetic Level Indicator series products for remote control. It converts the liquid level status to a 4~20mA signal and transmit it to a remote console or control center to monitor and control the liquid level in a vessel in real-time. The magnetic float in the chamber rises or drops with the fluid level in a vessel. As it moves, the reed switches in the chamber proximal to the magnetic float are magnetized and close the blades. All other reeds that are not magnetized by the float are in open state. The position of the magnetic float is just like the sliding point in a potentiometer. The float moves with the liquid level up or down will lead to the resistance change in the circuit and the voltage will change accordingly. Then it is converted into a 4-20mA current signal through a current-voltage convertor. We offer two types of reed transmitter with accuracy of ± 5mm or ± 10mm respectively. The higher the accuracy, more reed switches will be needed. Application Reed-11 Remote Transmitters is externally mounted on the Magnetic Level Indicator of Flap-11 series products to achieve automatic control and remote control. It sends a 4-20mA signal to achieve real-time level measurement and monitoring.