Pressure transducer TDR 14-16-18


Piessuna and level ùansduœismodelsTDR14, TDR16and TDR18 offer these particular ackantages: • Direct æadingof air supptyfbw • InstnmentenginæiscanquiddydTeck and adjuston site, correct airsupptyflowwihouthelp ofarty testing appaiatus • LowpriœdexeajtkrE for highlyœnxæive media as only screwed ring is in contact wthpnœssmedi’a • Inteichangeability wthVakxrn pressure and level tiansnitteœhavingoutput signal 3-^1 Spsi. 2Cn-100kPa 4+2CrrA. 0+10V