Pressure leak testing device MPS500, MPS550


for automotive applications, for packaging, for aeronautical applications, for valves, for pipettes, for vessels, injection pump
Other characteristics
USB, Profibus, CANbus, color display, compact, LAN, with programmable logic controller (PLC)


Compact and modular Part of the JW Froehlich Series 500, these universal panels with their modern user interface can be used as a stand-alone device or as part of a system in machine lines and manufacturing plants. Thanks to the underlying satellite technology and the decentralised master/slave principle behind the panels, measuring processes can also be visualised on a standard tablet or HMI. Basic features: Single channel measuring system Pressure decay/rise method Relative or differential pressure Mass flow rate/volume flow measurement Electronic proportional pressure regulator 32 test programmes Data communication Binary I/O interface Optional Profi bus, Profi net and Ethernet IP Storage of the last 100,000 measurements Statistical evaluation of test results CAN bus for adding external sensors, pressure regulators and valves Operation Easy operation using an intuitive menu structure 7″ TFT touchscreen display 2 USB connections on the front side Options include Language settings Temperature compensation External control unitQ-DAS link High pressure up to 20 bar (MPS 550) Ethernet interfaceProfibus/Profinet/Ethernet IP External measure circuit Special functions Volume-dependent leak test Auto-mastering function Auto-parameter module Back pressure test DAE (membrane test) Accessories Leak calibrator LK 100/800 Calibrated leaks Vacuum pump Barcode scanner incl. software Service package Factory calibration Mapping Training Parameterisation