Pipette leak tester AD-1690


for pipettes


A&D proposes quick means to find out whether your pipettes need repairing or not. Most pipette failures happen due to damaged seals, o-rings, pistons or tip-holders compromising the airtightness of the pipettes. By investigating airtightness, the AD-1690 can instantly screen out pipettes that are damaged and in need of repair. The AD-1690 offers the following five features: Firstly, it completes leak testing in only a few seconds (the monitoring time can be set freely from 1 sec). This is particularly beneficial when you have a large number of pipettes to test. Secondly, the AD-1690 detects air leakage by depressurization. That is, it changes pressure inside the pipette by evacuating air (until 20 kPa) instead of injecting it. This ensures that no dust enters the pipette being measured. Thirdly, the AD-1690 itself is protected from dust by an air filter unit when it intakes air. You can easily replace and maintain the air filter unit by yourself. Fourthly, the AD-1690 is equipped with an RS-232C interface. It is therefore possible to output the results to a PC or an A&D peripheral device such as the AD-8121B printer or the AD-1688 data logger. Finally, the AD-1690 includes three types of attachments, each with a different size of tip to fit a wide range of pipette capacities (2 μL to 10,000 μL). The tip of the attachment can be replaced with an appropriate tip if your pipette does not match up with any of the attachments provided. Along with our series of pipette accuracy testers (useful for more precise checking of pipette accuracy and repeatability sold separately), the AD-1690 is a simple and cost-effective solution for your pipette accuracy management!