Paddle flow switch


for liquids, for gas
Other characteristics
reed switch, stainless steel, brass


Description of Flow Switch Process Control Devices offer various types of flow switches. Designed to control the flow of Liquid. This unit as named utilizes the force of liquid flow to move its paddle in order to detect the incoming flow or movement of the existing liquid in pipe. When in situation of peace liquid or no liquid, the spring is in expanding and press the magnet downward vertically to the position of far away from contact of reed switch which is thus in N.O. circuit. As the fluid flow starts and the paddle is thrust and raised at a upward angle of 20 ~30 (or more), the eccentric of paddle will push the magnet upward in order to actuate the reed switch which is thus in a close circuit. The length of paddle will be as per the diameter of a pipe line. Silent Features ► Multiple Quick-Change Paddles ► Snap acting micro switch ► Field Adjustable Set Points ► Field Adjustable Paddles ► Superior functioning & Durable ► Stainless Steel Paddles and Shaft Specifications Fluid: Clear Liquids & Gases Sp. Gravity: Up to 2.95 Viscosity: Up to 20 cp Design Temperature: Up to 160°c Design Pressure: Up to 7 Kg/cm² Range: 2.2 to 800 M³/hr of Water /Liquid Line Size: 25 NB to 150 NB Available Materials: Brass/SS316 Connection: 1” BSP (M)/1″ NTP (M) Accuracy ±1% of FSD