Paddle flow switch FS25 series


for liquids
Other characteristics
reed switch, stainless steel, aluminum, explosion-proof
for noxious environments


Easy installation into existing pipe For a wide range of pipe size from diameter 25 to 200 Reed switch provide a SPST or SPDT contact function Max. pressure rating 1500 psi (st. Steel) Please see the notice of “Reminder before ordering” Technical Data Service: For “Non-Corrosive” liquid fluid available <£° Operation Température: -30~+120°C Reed Switch: SPST: 250VAC, 100VDC, 10VA (max.) (Flow ON); SPDT: 150VAC/DC, 20VA (max.) Carrying Current: IA (max.) Wire Conduit: Vf NPTF, %’ NPTF, and option available Protection Class: FS25R: Weather Proof type / FS25X: Explosion Proof type Material: Housing- Aluminum alloy (SS316 available for FS25X); Body- SS316+Teflon; Plate- Stainless Steel 301 Optional: other materials available upon request