Electromagnetic flow transmitter SITRANS F M MAG 6000 I , 6000 I Ex de


gas, for liquids


The SITRANS F M MAG 6000 I and the SITRANS F M MAG 6000 I Ex de are microprocessor-based transmitters which can be used in the harshest industrial environments. Benefits Built-in advanced batch control Robust aluminum two-chamber die-cast housing suitable for potentially explosive applications Built-in dosing function Added communication module for easy integration with your application, providing a fully integrated solution throughout the plant EMC requirements as well as high functional safety and system availability due to uniform operating concept according to NAMUR guidelines are fulfilled Error behavior according to NE43 for 4 … 20mA output selectable Improved troubleshooting and testing of the instrument through comprehensive diagnostics and service menu SENSORPROM technology allows transmitter replacement and automatic reprogramming of a new transmitter without loss of data or accuracy Keypad and alphanumeric display are intrinsically safe and programmable directly in the hazardous area – ATEX and FM certified