Differential pressure transducer JC631


Pressure type
Output signal
Other characteristics
stainless steel, IP65, IP67, explosion-proof
Process temperature
Min.: -10 °C (14 °F)

Max.: 80 °C (176 °F)


JC631 Digital Display Differential Pressure Transducer Introduction JC631 digital display differential pressure transducer adopts foreign-made differential pressure sensitive chips and special transducer integrated circuits as well as high-performance keycomponents and strict production process to ensure that this differential pressure transmitter features superior performance, small dimensions and easy installation. Therefore, digital display differential pressure transmitter is the optimum choice for micro differential pressure, flow field, flow rate, and flow measurement. JC631 Digital Display Differential Pressure Transmitter Features * High cost performance * Reliable and stable performance * Range of differential pressure: 0 ~ 10KPa … 2MPa * Resistant to static pressure of up to 20MPa * Fully made of stainless steel, with small dimensions,light weight, and easy installation JC631 Digital Display Differential Pressure Transmitter Application * Industrial process control * Medical instrument * Aerodynamic measurement * Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment * Flow measurement