Differential pressure decay leak tester F620


differential pressure decay
for packaging, for automotive applications, for aeronautical applications, for the plastics industry, breathing apparatus and face mask
Other characteristics
USB, compact, automatic, high-speed, color display, Profibus


After 45 years, and 150,000 testers installed in more than 5,000 customers worldwide, ATEQ presents its revolutionnary leak tester range : the F6 series including a compact leak tester F620, a weatherproof leak tester F610 and the F670 in its 19″3U industrial format. New electronic module, new measurement module, new interface, new accessories… All has been made to improve your quality control. And yet, inside can be found the latest leak testing technics and technology that will garantee you the fastest and most accurate leak testing cycle on the market. MAIN FEATURES: • Differential pressure decay leak measurement. Use in pressure and vacuum. • Large range of leak measurement (∆P) F.S. : 50 Pa, 500 Pa or 5000 Pa • main-menu128 programs • 2 languages (English + other one) • Manual calibration on front panel with calibrated leak • Environment: ROHS standard • Test modes: •∆P (Pa, 1/10 Pa) • ∆P / t (Pa/s, 1/10 Pa/s) • Flow units (mm3/s, cm3/s, cm3/min, cm3/h…) • Blockage test • and others, depending on your applications Flexible communication format: •RS232: printer •Slave USB: supervision •Master USB: USB key to transfert (parameters, results, statistics…) •Option Fieldbus: profibus, devicenet, profinet, Ethernet/IP •Additional Master USB (option) on back panel (Bar code reader – remote control) •Memory card for archiving results (1 Millions)