Bottle leak tester LS6P-GI


for bottles
Other characteristics
in-line, automatic, continuous, multi-head


Leak tester LS6P-GI performs the control of big plasticbottle’s leakages and cracks, it avoids sending bottles withholes to the lling line. It is appropriate to be installed atthe beginning of the lling line, before the cleaningsystem. Maximum production rate: 2,500 BPH Why choosing our system? • Fully automatic system • Short pay back • Improve the quality of the nal product • Easy adaptable to existing line • Quick change over • Automatic calibration system patented by AND&OR Why choosing AND&OR? • More than 25 years of experience • Customized projects under your needs • Installations, partners, agents and references worldwide • Project management and after sales service experience Optionally, other systems can be integrated in the tester: • Camera vision systems. • Download of statistics on USB. • Simulation of leak for an automatic machine’s selfchecking.