Absolute pressure transducer PXM409, PXM419, PXM459


Pressure type
piezoresistive, strain gauge, silicon
Output signal
analog output
Other characteristics
stainless steel, process, intrinsically safe, EMC, precision
Process temperature
Min.: -45 °C (-49 °F)

Max.: 121 °C (250 °F)

Pressure range
Min.: 25 mbar (0.36 psi)

Max.: 350,000 mbar (5,076.32 psi)


The Omega’s PXM409 piezoresistive pressure transducers are manufactured according to he highest possible standards and fully tested (pressure and temperature cycling) and calibrated by automated equipment. They are manufactured by embedding strain gauges into a highly stable silicon wafer on a molecular level, that is then cut into a number of pieces, each with a strain gauge bridge. These small parts are then installed into an environmentally sealed chamber that uses glass to metal seals and a diaphragm out of stainless steel with a small silicone oil amount serving as a pressure transmission medium. This model delivers unparalleled accuracy, durability as well as system stability and reliability as it can contain the secondary fluid even in case of a diaphragm breach.