Absolute pressure transducer PTX/PMP 3000


Pressure type
absolute, differential
Output signal
Other characteristics
precision, process, for the aeronautical industry, for harsh environments
Process temperature
Max.: 150 °C (302 °F)

Min.: -54 °C (-65 °F)

Pressure range
Max.: 5,076 psi

Min.: 5 psi


Features • FAA & CAA JTSO certification available on request • Full EMI and lightning protection • High accuracy and stability • Wide operating temperature range • Affordable solution with low technical risk • Gauge, absolute, and differential versions Maintaining affordability, while maximizing performance and minimizing risk, is the challenge facing modern day aerospace transducer design engineers. The PMP/PTX 3000 series of high level output pressure transducers fully meets this challenge, using proven technology within flight certified hardware. At the heart of the 3000 Series is an advanced high stability pressure sensing element, micro-machined from single crystal silicon in GE’s own Class 100 processing facility. Resistors are diffused into the silicon diaphragm by ion implantation that forms a fully active four-armstrain gauge bridge. Single crystal silicon is perfectly elastic and has excellent mechanical properties. GE technology offers the following features: • Excellent linearity • Negligible hysteresis • Enhanced long-term stability • High overpressure capability • Low mass offering fast response and low ‘g’ effect The micro-machined silicon sensing element is atomically bonded to a pyrex (glass) base and assembled into a high integrity glass-to-metal seal. Pressure media is isolated from the silicon element by a compliant metal diaphragm, resulting in a hermetic pressure module Every pressure module is temperature cycled to enhance long-term stability prior to installation of surface mount signal conditioning electronics.