Absolute pressure transducer JC-CE01


Pressure type
Output signal
Process temperature
Min.: -65 °C (-85 °F)

Max.: 150 °C (302 °F)


JC-CE01 Sapphire Pressure Transducer Introduction JC-CE01 sapphire pressure transducer is composed of single crystal insulator elements without hysteresis, fatigue and creep; sapphire has very good elasticity and insulation properties (within 1000 ° C), is not sensitive to temperature changes, Even under high temperature conditions, it has good working characteristics; sapphire has strong radiation resistance; and silicon-sapphire semiconductor sensitive components, without p-n drift, can be used in a variety of complex environments. The sapphire pressure sensor consists of a double diaphragm: a pressure sensitive membrane and a measuring membrane. A heteroepitaxial silicon strain-sensitive circuit diaphragm on sapphire is welded to the titanium alloy measuring diaphragm. The measured pressure is transmitted to the measuring diaphragm. Under the action of pressure, the titanium alloy measuring diaphragm generates micro-deformation, which causes the bridge output to change, and the magnitude of the change is proportional to the measured pressure. This sapphire pressure sensor has excellent temperature characteristics and overload resistance. JC-CE01 Sapphire Pressure Sensor Features * Widely pressure range(0~40KPa~260MPa) * Widely temperature range(-65℃~150℃) * Pressure type: Gauge、absolute、negative * High accuracy, high stability * Light weight, cost-effective, strong radiation Resistance JC-CE01 Sapphire Pressure Transducer Application * Navigation and shipbuilding industry * Aerospace * Petroleum and chemical industry * Power station, nuclear power station * Industrial process pressure control