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fabri,changar,large,Fold-up door

CHARACTERISTICS Type fold-up Material fabric Applications hangar Other characteristics large, wind-proof Width 50 m (164’00”) Height 40 m (131’02”) DESCRIPTION Shipyarddoor, a flexible hangar door…

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CHARACTERISTICS Type roll-up Material PVC Applications for car washes, industrial Other characteristics self-repairing, high-speed Width 4,000 mm (157 in) Height 3,000 mm (118 in) DESCRIPTION…

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Swing door M2M+

CHARACTERISTICS Type swing Material steel Applications industrial Other characteristics acoustic Width Max.: 2,600 mm (102 in) Min.: 600 mm (24 in) Height Max.: 2,930 mm (115 in) Min.: 1,000…

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Swing door K series

CHARACTERISTICS Type swing Material GRP Applications industrial, for clean rooms DESCRIPTION Dortek GRP doors are manufactured from reinforced polyester and contain no organic material that…

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Swing door EI2-60-90-120-180

CHARACTERISTICS Type swing Material metal Applications industrial, indoor Other characteristics fireproof, fire-resistant DESCRIPTION ALFATECO EI260-C5 single-leaf folding metal firescreen door, BRF-60 model. Certified to UNE…

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Sliding door

CHARACTERISTICS Type sliding Material aluminum Applications indoor Other characteristics security, wire mesh Width 870 mm, 1,070 mm, 1,370 mm (34 in) Height 830 mm, 1,030…

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High-speed door Belt

CHARACTERISTICS Type fold-up Applications industrial, exterior, for cold storage, for hospitals, supermarket Other characteristics high-speed Width 15 m, 20 m, 30 m (49’02”) Height 20…

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Revolving door

CHARACTERISTICS Type revolving Applications for clean rooms, industrial Other characteristics safety DESCRIPTION To make sure that everything stays clean, our unique ILKAZELL technology is also…

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