Swing door K series


industrial, for clean rooms


Dortek GRP doors are manufactured from reinforced polyester and contain no organic material that would encourage the growth of bacteria and are made from materials that are fully recyclable. K Type Single Action GRP doors have been designed for non-fire rated areas and complies with all the latest Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) requirements in nutritional and pharmaceutical facilities. These single action GRP doors are constructed using advanced low energy manufacturing techniques. GRP doors have a pressure moulded smooth seamless construction which is easy to clean, does not harbour bacteria and is unaffected by water, steam and most chemicals/cleaning agents. Unlike steel or timber doors, a GRP door will not swell, warp, rust, rot, peel whilst against the most arduous conditions. The K Type GRP doors are extremely strong and durable, yet light and easy to operate. The built-in colour is aesthetically pleasing and requires no maintenance.