Swing door 100.95, 100.97, 100.98 series


swing, folding, revolving
stainless steel
for cold storage, for the food industry, for hygienic applications
Min.: 800 mm (31 in)

Max.: 1,400 mm (55 in)

2,000 mm, 2,020 mm, 2,100 mm (79 in)


Door to operating room with one or two wings thickness of door leaf 60 mm, filled with PU hard foam, free of chlorofluorocarbon as well as halogenated chlorofluorocarbon. Door leaf with grease-resistant plugged-in APTK sponge rubber packing. Lower part with sliding rubber packing. All packings are exchangeable. Door leaf cover of stainless steel with circular or longitudinal dull-grinding. Door frame as corner frame of 1.5 mm thick stainless sheet steel. Ready to be installed with wall anchors, optionally with clamping frame for installation into panels. As hardware three dimensionally adjustable rising hinges are used. Mortise lock with stainless steel sleeve, profile cylinder with three keys and handle set. Available also with attachment for tubular tracks or window. Door folding DIN right or DIN left.