Curved sliding door ClearLock 630


curved sliding


The rounded sliding doors and fixed parts give a pleasant curved aesthetic to the ClearLock 630 security booth. Single door on entry and exit. ClearLock 630 main features are : . Security & Safety . Full-height circular booth with sliding entrance and exit doors that never open simultaneously . Bullet, vandalism and burglary resistant, fully compliant with industry standards (EN 1063, EN356, UL752…) . Several electronic detection systems availble . Outside surveillance . User safety ensured by additional systems (torque limiter, back-up battery…) . Aesthetics & Customisation . Elegant design with large glass surface, eliminating the sense of confinement . Doors mounted directly onto existing floor, no excavation required . Compact footprint . Base: 12 or 20 mm thick . Wide range of finishes (stainless steel, painted steel…) . Adaptability & Flexibility . Products available disassembled, in accordance with on-site installation requirements . Electronic and mechanical parts located in the canopy, easily accessible for maintenance . Wide range of accessories available . Reliability & Performance . Control panel for set up and control . Remote management using TCP/IP connectivity . Over 10.000 installations