• Material:

    recycled plastic

  • Other characteristics:

    erosion protection

  • Product applications:

    for parking lots

  • Width:

    330 mm (13 in)

  • Length:

    300 mm (11.8 in)


Professional ground reinforcement made easy. From only €8.09 per square meter for the CABKA Grid X2.*
CABKA Grid – the ground reinforcement system with no sealing made from recycled plastic
With 15 years of experience developing and manufacturing ground reinforcement systems, we focused on three factors in particular with the CABKA Grid: A large contact surface for optimal surface-load distribution. A quick and strong linking system. And an even, stable grid structure that can incorporate filling stones as needed. The CABKA Grid is available in three heights: 20 mm, 40 mm, and 50 mm.
Also applicable for
•Fire department access roads
•Embankments and shoreline reinforcement
•Erosion protection
•Green parking*

* Unsealed surfaces have been proven to heat up less than asphalt surfaces and, therefore, contribute to a lower ambient temperature.

•Stable ground without puddles or mud
•Water can seep naturally
•Extremely simple and quick to install
•Hooks together easily with foot pressure
•Preassembled at 1.3 m2 (12 components)
•Optimal surface-load distribution thanks to the extra large contact surface on the bottom of the CABKA Grid; 42% of the entire surface has direct contact with the ground
•Anti-slip nabs on top and bottom
•Design and plug-in system keeps components from bulging due to sun exposure
•No surface compaction, no edging, and no additional drainage system necessary
•Easy to handle with a saw or an angle grinder
•UV-resistant and weatherproof
•Long service life