• Function:

    special events building

  • Structure:

    modular, temporary


Custom-made party tents

Elegant look, top-quality materials and the huge number of solutions applied makes Pol-Plan party tents suitable for any occasion and space. They fit perfectly both in a completely natural environment such as a sandy beach at the seaside or picturesque mountain landscape, as well as in the vicinity of buildings in various styles.

Party tents: beautiful and functional

Most often, however, party tents are set in a mixed environment – in gardens behind magnificent palaces and residences, or residential houses. The outstanding aesthetic qualities make them look great in all conditions. Also of equal importance is their excellent practical qualities – the impressive wedding tents of Pol-Plan captivate not only with their excellent design, but also a number of facilities that make them simply ideal. Our party tents are perfectly lit and ventilated – depending on the model and occasion they may also be equipped with windows, heating or artificial lighting.

Marquee tents adored in Britain

The Pol-Plan offer also includes elegant marquee tents. The Marquee tent is a large open design that works well during various summer outdoor events, such as shows or local holidays. It is primarily associated with English outdoor weddings and various types of events organised in local green areas.